Ever wonder why you lose so much hair in the shower?

Every time we move we lose dead skin cells and dead hair. We do not pay attention to these losses because there is no feeling involved in the process. In fact, women lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. Sometimes, these do not fall directly off but are trapped in between layers of hair where they remain until disturbed. We notice from time to time strands of hair on a sweater, on a pillow, or perhaps a bath towel, and do not think very much about it.

When we step out of the shower and notice hair on the shower floor or in the drain, we may ask ourselves how did I lose so much hair in the shower,  well it may actually the result of hair that has been loosening from the scalp and falling all day. When we shampoo, we are disturbing the hair from its resting spot. It is safe to say that everything we do with our hair in a day’s time results in the hair on the shower floor and drain at the end of the day. I did do a separate article reviewing shampoo products for hair loss

The old belief of 100 strokes before bedtime is actually an old wives’ tale. If we actually put a brush through our hair every night, we would lose more than 50 – 100 strands of hair in a day’s time, and yes, most of it would end up on the shower floor.

Wearing hair in a ponytail, blow drying with a styling brush, having hair become tangled, all result in hair loss. Showering or washing hair does not cause the hair loss. The act of running the hands through the hair simply results in releasing hair that has already separated from the scalp as this is important ever for a number of people who are involved in it.

Honestly, the best way to avoid losing hair in the shower is to give hair a good brushing before getting in, and running hands through hair to loosen hair and allow it to fall to the floor. Actually, when you think about it, it is easier to clean wet hair out of the shower than dry hair from the floor.

If it appears you are losing more than 100 strands per day in the shower alone, then perhaps you should confer with your doctor. There are many reasons for excessive hair loss. You could be experiencing iron deficiency, which results in anemia, a zinc deficiency, or you may not have enough fat in your diet. Too much protein in one’s diet can also cause hair loss. Stress can also be another factor in hair loss. Your body may be lacking in certain vitamins, I discuss this issue in detail on my Vitamin for hair loss page

If you have real concerns on why you lose so much hair in the shower and particular the amount of hair in your shower drain after shampooing, reflect on any changes in diet, stress levels, medication, how you wear your hair, or any health related factors. If you feel there is a medical condition related to your hair loss, call your doctor. A simple blood panel can reveal any deficiencies you may have that could have caused hair loss.

Other changes you can make to reduce the amount of hair loss, is to look at the shampoo you are using. You should also look at how often you use shampoo if you shampoo daily, reduce that to every other day. If your hair tends to be oily, then invest in a dry shampoo. You simply spray it in, lightly brush it through and go. There are newer versions of dry shampoo that blend in and do not leave a white film on hair.

If you use elastic bands in your hair, stop that right now, and opt for hair bands made of nylon. Also rather than pulling hair up in a tight pony tail at night, wear it to the side with a single band at the end. Wearing hair in this manner also reduces the number of times shampooing is needed because hair stays away from the face, which can be oily- especially at night.

The best thing to remember is that hair loss is typically normal. It is nature’s way of preparing our heads for new hair growth, just as the sloughing off of skin is normal. The condition of the scalp, water intake, adequate fat intake, biotin, iron, and zinc all are essential to healthy scalp and hair. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil, eggs, milk, and legumes will provide these essential nutrients.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article on why do we lose so much hair in the shower

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