Why are you Losing hair so fast

Hair loss is a common problem that everyone faces today. Also known as alopecia in medical terminology can occur due to various reasons. Some causes are known while some are unknown. Causes whether simple or complex affects the entire scalp which leads to shedding, and thinning of hair which in turn decreases quality as well. Your scalp typically loses 100 hairs every day, but it grows back after a few days. Hair fall increases with aging in both men and women. Men lose more than women due to male pattern baldness. Continue reading to know more about alopecia and its causes

The three stages of hair growth

Alopecia, if left untreated, leads to baldness. Baldness is nothing, but the excessive loss of hair. There are three phases. Anagen the first phase, is an active or growing phase. About 90% of the hair on the head is in the anagen phase and it lasts for two to eight years. Catagen the second phase is a short phase where hairs begin to break down and the follicle shrinks, it lasts up to 2-3 weeks. Telogen the third phase, is a resting phase. About 10% of hairs fall in this phase. Hair gets ready for the process of cyclic shedding that may last up to two to four months.

Main causes:

It occurs gradually and becomes noticeable with years of passing. Its treatment greatly depends on its causes and it varies in both men and women. Hair detritus and hair thinning are the two major conditions of hair loss. These conditions stop the hair from growing completely. Some of the reasons include stress, dandruff, nutritional deficiencies, etc. Most researchers consider genetic factor as one of the major causes of hair fall.

Other major hair loss causes in men and women are:

Androgenetic alopecia- The most cause of hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia or baldness. This is due to a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. In men, it comes in the form of white patches on the top of the head and women it is simply known as thinning and can result in losing hair so fast.

Stress- The cells requires rest for its growth. With changing lifestyles and increasing stress, your scalp generates slow the growth and finally affects the quality. I have discussed this in detail on my How is stress related to hair loss page.

Lack of Nutrition- Like other body cells; body hair cells also require proper nourishment and nutrition for their growth. Lack of vitamins, nutrients, etc. ultimately results in thinning problems.

Diseases- When your body gets attacked by certain diseases like typhoid, the amount of fall rate increases rapidly.

Treatment side-effects and drugs- Cancer patients after chemotherapy or radiation usually suffer from vulnerable hair loss problems as some drugs are extremely harmful to the scalp. Also, some allopathic medicines cause tremendous side-effects that deteriorate the growth on the scalp.

Application of stylish products- Applying cosmetics on the hair like gel, spray etc. causes hair to fall more frequently because these cosmetics contain the high level of the chemical that is extremely harmful to the scalp.

Pregnancy Time- At the time of pregnancy, women get susceptible to these problems owing to lack of certain mineral and nutrient deficiencies. Have a read of my losing hair after having a baby article,

Cancer Рcertain cancer-related treatments will result in hair loss, I also discussed this in  another article I did on Why Do Cancer Patients Lose Their Hair
Treatment for losing hair so fast

The first step is to adopt a healthy and balanced diet with lots of protein. When baldness does not come from heredity, some lifestyle changes may solve the problem (proper cleaning and good nutrition). There are treatments using medication, see a dermatologist for this. Treatments are being developed to combat hair loss; the technology has contributed much in this regard. The laser system is the most effective, restoring the health of the hair fiber. The female hair loss implies that something is seriously increased, but can be controlled by the treatment. Techniques such as implantation and transplantation are also being sought after.
Other than medication, hairstyles can also help to address this problem. Artificial hair is also recommended to effective hide incurable types of this disorder. But, with the advent of modern technology, hair transplant is now gaining popularity to address severe hair loss.

It is necessary to address the basic issue before stimulating growth through treatments such as hair transplantation, identify the cause along with a specialist, then start the treatment, in cases where there was already an irreversible decline is indicated that the hair transplant should be done by a surgeon.

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