Causes hair loss

What Causes Hair Loss – the Top 7 Causes That You Did Not Know Before

Hair loss is an issue that occurs at any age with varying degree of severity from one person to another. The trouble with hair loss is a problem that almost every person faces. Hair loss can be more observe in men than in women as women generally have longer and more hair, either way whether your male or female losing hair can be very stressful. There are several reasons leading hair loss, and that can be both external as well as internal issues that should be treated with care.

1# Tight hairstyles

If you have a habit of tying your hair in buns and braids and even ponytails, which are tight, and stresses the roots of the hair, there is a high chance that you would experience hair loss at an early age. While it may look beautiful and apparAnchorently harmless, but after years and years of wearing your hair like this it can have harmful effects and can result in you slowly experience significant hair loss. It is one of the major problems that comes to mind when you are discussing what causes hair loss.


2# Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance and majorly thyroid problems can cause a lot of hair loss in both men and women. If you get symptoms related to thyroid apart from the massive hair fall that you experience it is always important to get a checkup for thyroid from your doctor to be on the safe side.

3# Stress

Well, it is seen that the stress of our daily life is a major answer to what causes hair loss. We live in a world where our work and professional life result in us not have any time to take care of yourself.  The stress we encounter during our professional and work life can be a major cause of hair loss, studies indicate that we are now working more hours than ever before, on your way to work you’re checking your emails and planning your daily schedule and so on. In turn, the stress we put our bodies through can lead to a lack of sleep and result in alopecia. I have done another article especially on the subject of Stress and hair loss

4# Styling products

Styling products like hair gels, waxes, mousse and even colorants contain harsh chemicals, which are very harmful, and if you regularly use such products and let product build up by not washing your hair frequently enough, that can lead to hair fall. The resulting hair loss problems in a lot of cases are caused when there is product builds up at the root of the hair, and the residue is not washed off completely while you are washing your hair. You should check out my review on Shampoos for hair loss

5# Scalp infections

Such issues like dandruff, dermatitis, syphilis and folliculitis to name a few are the primary hair infections we can get and are be harmful and lead to hair loss problems, while at the same time they can be very painful and frustrating for the person who is going through it. These kinds of infections can lead to unhealthy hair and result in hair loss such as patches and bald spots on your scalp. There are several oils you can get for your scalp and I’ve reviewed and discussed the top products in today’s market on this page – Oils for hair loss

6# Poor food habit and diet

Not having a balanced and healthy diet and excluding food items that are rich in protein, iron and vitamin c from your diet can lead to hair loss. Unfortunately, with many people who suffer hair loss they don’t have a healthy diet and are nor providing their bodies with the correct vitamins needed to assist with hair growth. Also in some cases, if you have a bad habit of smoking and drinking, it can have advert repercussions when it comes to your hair and skin. when all is said and done it is essential that you maintain a healthy diet. If you feel like your body is lacking in vitamins, please are check out the article where I discuss the vitamins you need to help with hair growth

7# Medications and drugs

There are many types of medications, which can lead to hair loss. If you are taking a particular kind of medicines chronically, then you may experience the variety of side effects over a period which will result in you losing your hair. Hair loss is one of the commonest side effects that some medications have. Excessive of vitamin A can b harmful for your hair, and that can lead to hair loss. Steroids and testosterone are also major issues behind hair loss and that can have far-reaching effects on your hair. So it is imperative that you ensure there is a balance in case you are taking such medications.