Therapy G shampoo

Thinning and fine hair seems to be a problem that would plague a majority of women all across the world. You might also be considered to be one of them. No matter how many various kinds of oils you would seem to put on your hair or the diverse hair treatments that you seem to pamper yourself to, you just cannot seem to witness a significant difference. In addition, if you also seem to have a passion for changing your hair color from time to time, then that would also be a factor that would need to be taken into consideration. This is because the problem of thinning hair seems to still exist. In these kinds of cases, you would be so close to giving up.


Therefore, I am someone whom you would find to be quite familiar with this problem. Since last year, I have noticed my hair to become significant thin and fine, regardless of the various things I seem to do. Even though I am also one of those people who maintain a healthy and balanced diet and incorporate regular exercise, the problem still persists. So, it would be around that time that I came across Therapy G shampoo and decided to give it a try. So, in this article, I would like to tell you about Therapy G and its starter kit. This product has a three step approach to combat fine and thinning hair – cleanse, nourish, and also condition. This kit would also seem to include follicle stimulator, antioxidant shampoo, conditioning treatment, and a volumizing treatment. Order here

Other than that, Therapy G shampoo has also been found to include a patented ingredient by the name of Tryptobond Guard. It would attach itself to the hair and has been made to protect the hair from ever day stresses – styling, sun damage, coloring, surface damage, breakage, and changes to tonality.

So, the Therapy G shampoo starter kit would be approximately for 45 days. This starter kit would be suitable for chemically treated hair in order to protect the color as well as promote fuller and thicker hair. The follicle stimulator, antioxidant shampoo, conditioning treatment, and volumizing treatment would be included in 4.25 fl.oz sizes of each.

Therapy G shampoo review

That being said, you might want to know what these four products have done for my hair.

  • Antioxidant shampoo for hair that has been chemically treated

This shampoo would help to provide deep cleaning of the scalp of sebum and hair, thus removing DHT. It would also neutralize free radicals and toxins. This shampoo would also stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and body which would then help to build hair. In my experience, this shampoo gave my scalp a tingly feeling, lathered well, and also smelled good.

  • Follicle Stimulator

This would deliver Tryptobond Guard to individual shafts of hair, stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, and nourish the follicles for thicker and fuller hair. This product would need to be applied after the Therapy G shampoo. Even though I have not been using this product on a daily basis, that has not stopped me from seeing the results. However, it would be good to know that this product might cause temporary redness to the forehead and scalp for about 25 minutes. This might be due to the increase in blood circulation. As for the scent, you would find it to be fresh and awakening.

  • Conditioning treatment

This would also deliver Tryptobond Guard to individual shafts of hair. It would also detangle and not let the hair to be weighed down. The product would also stimulate the scalp, relieve dryness, infuse moisture, itching, and flaking. So, under normal occasions, I would not be able to use conditioners for daily use as it would make my hair very fine and would also weigh it down. That is why I was surprised to find that this conditioning treatment was unlike anything I have used up until now. In addition to it having a minty scent, it would be perfect for everyday use.

  • Hair volumizing treatment

Again, the hair volumizing treatment would also be delivering Tryptobond Guard to individual shafts of hair. It would instantly volumize, thus creating fuller, thicker, and more flexible hair. It would also protect the hair against styling stress. All in all, the volumizing treatment would nourish and strengthen the hair shaft and help to improve hair texture.


Hence, after 45 days, I was able to notice less hair falling while brushing and I also felt that my hair appeared thicker. So I would say that I love Therapy G shampoo and hair treatment as it seemed to have done wonders for my hair. Order your Treapy G shampoo today

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