Sky Organics oils for hair loss

The fact that you have been suffering from hair loss for quite some time now must have been bugging you to no end. No matter what you seem to try, the results could not be derived to no avail. Hence, it might console you to some extent by knowing that I was going through the same tragic phase until I discovered oils for hair loss from Sky Organics Oils. This kit consists of organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, and organic peppermint oil. Hence, you could expect my enthusiasm to put this kit to use as soon as I possibly could. This is because I was quite eager to find out if this DIY hair kit would actually work wonders for my hair or would it just be another disaster that I would add to my ever-growing list. You can order your Sky Organics oils now

Here’s my review of Sky Organics oils

To start things off, I followed the measurements which were given in the instructions provided by Sky Organics oils to mix in my scalp treatment. This included 2tbs of castor oil and 1tbs of jojoba oil.

Castor oil by itself has been known to be ideal to enhance hair growth, strengthen hair, and repair split ends. Jojoba oil would help to remove the sebum which would be present in the scalp which would then help to promote hair growth. So, even a small quantity would be good enough to protect your hair strands from drying up and breaking. On the other hand, peppermint would give it an invigorating on top of stimulating blood flow which would again promote hair growth.

After pouring them in a glass cup, I placed it inside the microwave for 15 seconds. Depending on your microwave and its settings, you would also be able to go up to 30 seconds. Once I took out the mixture, I poured a few drops of the organic peppermint oil into the warm mixture of castor and jojoba oil.

After that, I applied the concoction all over my scalp and then used a scalp massager for 2 to 5 minutes to really make sure that it was evenly applied all over my scalp and also to further stimulate my scalp for growth. Once I was finished with the scalp massage, I placed a shower cap on my head in order to get the deepest treatment. This also meant that I would have the option of leaving this hair mask overnight if I really wanted to get the best results. On the other hand, if you would not be fortunate enough to have the whole day or night in order to leave in the mask, then I would recommend that you would squeeze in at least one hour before showering. For best results, it would be recommended that you do this treatment weekly.


So, when you would be ready to remove the treatment, you would first need to shampoo on dry hair and then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Only then should you wash and condition your hair as you would do it on a regular basis. Even though you would not be able to feel the effects of the mask right away, you would definitely be able to notice a vast improvement in the look and texture of your hair after 3 to 4 months. This would only be the case if you adopt the practice of applying this mask on a weekly basis.


As for customer reviews of Sky Organic oils, you would find most of it to be highly positive. In addition to it being a great mask for hair, many women have found alternative uses for it. For instance, it could be used to treat skin issues such as the occasional pimples or acne. Some have even decided to use it as a makeup remover since it seems to be so highly effective. Hence, it would be quite a common sight to see a small jar of this concoction sitting on the majority of the bathrooms, that too with good reason.


So, in addition to being highly effective and priced at a reasonable range, there would be very few things that you would get to complain about where this product is concerned. All in all, I would highly recommend Sky Organics oil it to all those who have been suffering from hair loss and would not like to experience bald spots.

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