Best Shampoo for hair lossSHAMPOOS FOR HAIR LOSS

A shampoo is a cleansing agent used for eliminating the build-up of dirt and sebum in the hair. There are several companies that have shampoo’s specifically for hair loss, I’ve reviewed these shampoos for hair loss Originally, shampoos were available in both bar and liquid forms but liquid shampoos have been making waves in recent times. Just like everything else, using a shampoo from time to time has its pros and cons. Chemical-laden shampoos pose more risks than the benefits they give. One of these includes thinning of the hair and subsequently, it’s falling.

For women, the hair is their “crown”, sadly, most women lose their confidence due to hair loss problems.  The name ‘Alopecia’ might not ring a bell for all but ‘hair loss’ is a condition some humans have experienced at one point in their lives. Some individuals are blessed with a thick, luscious and full head of hair while others have to work for it. In some cases, individuals might suffer hair loss due to medical conditions or genetics, others might be caused by lifestyle habits such as poor diet, certain medications or use of products which harmful chemicals. Hair loss occurs in both males and females. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing strands of your hair on your bathroom floor after running a comb through it.  You may have religiously followed some hair care tips and techniques which include using natural oils, popping hair vitamins and sleeping in satin caps, all to no avail. It gets quite tiresome after splurging lots of money on products whose performances fall below average. Don’t give up yet! The good news, however, is that lost hair can be regrown.  Many a time, adopting the right hair care practices will ensure healthy growth of hair fibers. Hair growth occurs in phases and it is important to note this while embarking on your journey to growing your thick and healthy tresses.  Due to lack of positive effects suffered by individuals who patronized some hair care companies, the notion that shampoos can help with hair growth seems like a fairytale. The question is; are there shampoos that help with the growth of hair? The answer is; YES! Shampoos really do make a huge difference. We have also done and picked the top shampoos, oils, and vitamins for hair loss , check these out on my homepage Hair Loss Treatments Reviews 

Using a shampoo is the first step you embark on when cleansing your hair. Like the foundation of a building, your choice of shampoo determines how your hair will stand the test of time. Invest wisely.    Many beauty enthusiasts believe that the more a shampoo foams, the more it cleanses. For this reason, they ignorantly reach for products laden with sulfates. The culprits are ammonium laureth sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate. Too much suds formed by shampoo containing these compounds strips the hair of its essential oils leading to dryness. Make it a habit to always read the labels on shampoos. Generally speaking, the magic doesn’t occur after you pour liters of shampoo on your hair and rinse out.  Hair growth shampoos contain a number of ingredients that help to stimulate the hair follicles. These ingredients include;


Best shampoos for Hair Loss

At a time, getting a shampoo specifically to help combat hair loss felt like untying the ‘ Gordian knot’. After many trials with different brands, it is safe to say one of the best shampoo for hair loss is ‘Therapy- G Antioxidant Shampoo’.  This anti-breakage shampoo restores, protects, strengthens and maintains healthy hair. This sulfate-free shampoo does not contain silicone, formalin or pearlizers, which usually block the hair follicles.  This hair loss reversing complex consists of a mild shampoo enriched with antioxidants and stimulants which increase the flow of blood to improve hair growth. Though a rinse-out product, it’s effect is long-lasting, even after washing. It supplies the hair with nutrients and makes the roots stronger. You can get your order your Therapy G here

The vital ingredients in this shampoo help to regenerate new cells and boosts the production of collagen. This shampoo for hair loss helps to break down harmful substances and oxidizing agents in the hair. It also helps to remove oily secretions in the sebaceous glands of the hair. After washing, this shampoo leaves a protective layer on the hair to support the hair growth phase.

For individuals who employ heat techniques while styling their hair, this shampoo is an ideal choice because it contains age-defying amino acids that can cushion the effects of heat application, UV rays, and chemicals. The proteins contained helps to make the hair look full, silky, shiny and bouncy.

This shampoo is also recommended for individuals with fine and very light hair. If you suffer from hair thinning, using this product will give you hair more’ body’ and ensure that the density of the hair improves.

The health and safety of end users are if great importance, so the manufacturers of this product ensured that there is no paraben. This organic shampoo has been certified safe by the FDA. This is a shampoo that stays true to its promises. Many users were happy about the growth of the hair around the edges (baby hairs) after a short while of using this product. The smell and consistency of this product are also one of the many reasons why users prefer it. The shampoo leaves a feeling of freshness without over drying or over moisturizing the hair.  This anti hair-fall shampoo lathers very well, so a little goes a long way. This second to none shampoo contains anti-fungal agents which combat infections leading to itchy scalps and dandruff.

If you want a pocket-friendly product that will restore your “crown’, kindly choose Therapy G.


Other ingredients that are Important in Shampoos


Antioxidants in shampoos help to block the pathways of hormones causing loss of hair. Hair thinning and breakage is caused by sings to test prone hormone popularly referred to as DHT.

Natural Oils

Contains Oils which help to nourish the scalp and boost shine. Oils such as castor are very important for hair growth.

Vitamins, minerals and some natural plant extracts which give added benefits which include; hastening the growth of hair, strengthening the scalp and hair roots, maintaining the stages of growth and keeping the hair healthy.

Vital hair proteins

Proteins and amino acids are very vital in the growth and renewal of cells.  Some amino acids, when applied topically i.e. in formulas, have been proven to help in the growth of hair.