Provillus for women

Just like hair loss seems to be a rising problem for men, the same seems to be the case for women as well. In fact, you would find women to be more worried and self-conscious about hair loss than men. So, if you are one of these women that find yourself facing the same problem, then it would also be quite normal that you have looked for solutions to your hair loss. However, the sad part is that many women, like you, have not been able to find the solution to your problem, it’s our aim at Hair Loss Treatments Review to assist you to find the correct product to help you. The good news Provillus hair regrowth has been rewarded as our top product

This is because Provillus is a top brand that is dedicated to helping you fight your battle against female hair loss or thinning. Simply put, Provillus would be a safe, natural, and painless hair regrowth product for women. It has been made from a powerful combination of natural and safe ingredients that have been designed to help prevent hair loss and also promote hair regrowth. It contains minoxidil, an active ingredient which has been approved by the FDA, and has also been clinically tested to slow down hair loss and treat bald spots. In other words, Provillus would help to nourish and help bring dead hair follicles back to life.

What is Provillus all about?

The female system seems to be comprised of three part treatments. The first part is to take the tablet orally to help prevent hair loss, the second part treatment is then to have the nutrients from that same tablet to help with the regrowth of your hair. Third part is protection – see more details below.

Other highlighted aspects that Provillus for women would be able to offer you with are as follows:

  • A success rate of 96%
  • Rejuvenation of hair follicles
  • Protection of hair follicles against damage
  • Slows and helps to stop hair loss
  • Regrowth of hair in a natural manner
  • Prevents permanent baldness
  • Ingredients approved by FDA
  • Specially made for women
  • No chemicals have been used in this product
  • Absolutely safe to use with no side effects.

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How does it work?

Provillus for women would seem to work in three steps:

  • Nourish

The formula would nourish hair follicles with all the essential nutrients that would be needed. These would include vitamin B6 complex, iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium in order to get revitalized. It would also use biotin to produce a complex protein by the name of keratin. This is because healthy hair seems to be made up of 90% keratin and 10% moisture. Keratin would also give elasticity, strength, and soft texture to hair strands.

  • Protect

It would shield the follicles against aggressors such as 5-alpha reductase and cortisol, a DHT forming enzyme.

  • Grow

It helps to kick off the hair growth process. This is because Provillus for women would work from the inside out. It utilizes a blend of natural botanicals, stinging nettle, and Para-Amino Benzoic Acid from the inside. From the outside, it would use 2% minoxidil to stop or slow hair loss and facilitate the growth of new hair.

Does Provillus for women work?

The formula has been clinically proven to work and it has been found to have a success rate of 96%. This is actually considered to be quite impressive when compared to similar foundations that usually have a very low success rate. From the users, a lot of positive feedback has been found who say that it really works.

Recommended usage

As a dietary supplement, you would be required to take two capsules daily with a meal and water, or as would be directed by a healthcare practitioner.


  • The supplement has been found to be clinically proven to work
  • It contains only proven active ingredients
  • The formula has been found to be safe for almost all users
  • There is no need for a doctor’s prescription
  • A very impressive success rate.


  • It can only be ordered online
  • No free trail available.

Thus, Provillus for women has been clinically found and proven to boost hair growth. With such rave reviews and positive feedback, this is a product that you would definitely be able to give a try.