5 Ways You Can Make Your Hair Grow Faster Naturally

Learn About Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

Getting beautiful strands of hair is not an easy thing to achieve for any woman or men. There are many factors in play which contribute to the growth of hair (or the lack thereof), yet one of the most overlooked techniques is to stimulate the scalp physically. There are many natural remedies for hair growth that you can get right now without having to break the bank. Interested? Keep reading to learn about our favorite natural remedies to give you the hair you’ve always wanted.

Natural remedies for hair growth

1. Rosemary Oil

A simple but excellent way to stimulate the growth of hair on your scalp is to give it a massage. This approach will improve the flow of blood in the place where your hair is growing, increase its strength and helps bring nutrients to the follicles faster. Rosemary oil is a great choice to use when you’re giving your scalp a massage. In fact, it has been used for many centuries as a means to stimulate the growth of hair. This type of oil is known to stimulate one’s blood vessels and the growth of new hair.

Simply put a few drops of rosemary oil to your go-to shampoo and apply this mixture directly to your scalp. Massage slowly in a circular pattern and you’re good to go!


2. Egg Yolk

This is one of the best natural remedies for hair growth for women who are suffering from hair breaks as soon as its length reaches their shoulders should try an egg yolk mask. Eggs are rich in protein and lecithin, which are essential in the nourishing and healing of hair strands. Aside from that, it is high in sulfur which helps get rid of any dandruff problem.

You can apply this mask by mixing two eggs with olive oil. If you’re bothered by its stickiness, you can dilute it with half a cup of water. Put the mask directly onto your dry and brushed hair and leave it there for at least thirty minutes. You can then shampoo and condition your hair to make sure you have stronger strands.

Avocados are rich in omega-3 which is one of the best natural remedies for hair growth

3. Healthy Fats

Although you can quickly take hair growth supplements, why do so when there are actually natural remedies for hair growth that you can do at this time. Eating your way into a healthier lifestyle will ensure that your hair gets the optimal nutrients it needs to grow well. Getting a lot of healthy fats such as omega-3s can improve hair growth according to experts.


4. Castor Oil

An alternative in case you can’t get your hands on rosemary oil, castor is probably the unknown hero when it comes to bringing hair back. The great thing about this type of oil is that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help fight infections on the scalp that can stop hair from growing. Aside from that, it is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, proteins, vitamin E and other important nutrients that can go deep on dry strands of hair and help retain moisture.

It also makes for an awesome hot oil treatment that you can use to massage into your roots and help give your scalp the nutrients it needs to promote better hair growth. Castor oil is one of the ideal natural remedies for hair growth that you can get easily.

5. Off the Self Natural remedies for hair growth

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