mens hair loss treatment

Men’s hair loss treatments

Baldness is a person’s worst nightmare, isn’t it? Well, this condition is real and it affects alot of men. People experience hair loss differently. There are many products on the market that try to help men get their hair back. However; not all products are genuine. There are those that don’t work. Fake products can leave someone frustrated and desperate.  Frustration has resulted in some people giving up on growing their hair back, whereas others seek surgical procedures. That’s why at Hair Loss Treatments Review we are the one stop shop for reviewing products that WORK. Let us start off our discussion by looking at some main causes of hair loss among men:

  • Genetics-Medical evidence has proven hair loss is genetically inherited. Some people are likely to experience hair loss because it is in their genes.
  • Hypotrichosis-This is where there is an imbalance between body’s growth and development. This imbalance triggers both patchy hair loss and dysfunctional hair loss.
  • Medication-There are some medicines whose side effects include hair loss. This is mostly temporarily but can result in permanent hair loss when a person takes the stated medication for a long period.
  • Medical conditions-There are some medical conditions that result in hair loss.
  • Mineral deficiency-A person’s lifestyle can result in hair loss. A person should partake key vitamins and minerals for healthy tissue growth.

Top men’s hair loss treatment

We are going to focus on three main treatments, namely:

The use of shampoo as a hair loss treatment for men

As earlier stated, there are many types of hair loss. Hair follicles are very delicate and should be moisturized and have enough vitamins to facilitate normal hair growth. In addition to this, hair follicles need enough air. However, there are some cases where hair follicles are either clogged by oil. This prevents moisture and vitamins from reaching the scalp. Automatically, this promotes dryness and dandruff in the scalp; and increases the rate of hair loss in a person. A shampoo is one of the products used to treat hair loss. There are many Shampoo brands for a person to choose from. As a result, a person should be careful about the brand he/she chooses. Here are some ways in which shampoo prevents restores hair loss:

  • Some shampoos contain Caffeine. Caffeine has proven effective in stimulating hair follicles. This improves both the health and the texture of your hair. Most Caffeine shampoos containing ketoconazole. This anti-inflammatory plays a vital role in preventing hair loss.
  • Secondly, there are some Shampoo products that contain Biotin. Biotin helps in strengthening remaining hair. In addition, this inflammatory also increases blood and air circulation to the hair follicles.
  • Saw Palmetto is an anti-inflammatory that helps block the chemical procedure that triggers hair loss.
  • There are some shampoos that contain plant-based ingredients such as tea tree leaves and eucalyptus oil among others. These ingredients are believed to completely reverse hair loss and baldness.
  • As earlier stated, Shampoo can be used to treat and prevent hair loss. There are some shampoos that contain an anti-inflammatory called Palmetto. This ingredient plays a vital role in halting hair loss.

These are a few ingredients contained in wide shampoo brands in the market. The use of shampoo is one of the most effective ways of treating and preventing hair loss. We have a DEDICATED PAGE SPECIFICALLY FOR SHAMPOO PRODUCT REVIEWS

Vitamins another great option as a men’s hair loss treatment

Did you know poor nutrition is among the leading factors of hair loss? It is therefore essential that a person takes the necessary minerals needed for proper hair growth. Hair influences the physical appearance of a person. Here are some vitamins that play a vital role in the growth of our hair:

  • Fish oil-Studies have proven omega 3 fat plays a vital role in the growth of hair. It reduces inflammations that trigger hair loss, nourishes the hair and supports hair thickening. This is one of the reasons encourage men to take fish oils.
  • Vitamin C-As we all know stress increases the aging process. This automatically contributes to hair loss and hair graying. Vitamin C has proven effective when it comes to fighting oxidative stress; that triggers hair loss.
  • Iron-Numerous studies have been conducted to explain the relationship between iron and hair loss. Many studies have proven patients who suffer from iron deficiency tend to experience tremendous hair loss. This automatically proved iron is needed in preventing and restoring hair loss.
  • Vitamin D-Vitamin D helps in cell growth differentiation and in Calcium Homeostasis. Hair follicles are very sensitive to hormones. Men who partake meals rich in Vitamin D tend to experience hair loss less often.
  • Zinc-Zinc compounds have been used for decades to treat hair loss and other conditions. Studies have revealed that zinc has a lot of health benefits towards the hair follicle. In addition to this, zinc hastens hair follicle recovery.


Oils product treatments

Here are some herbal oils that play a vital role in treating and preventing hair loss: Let us start off by looking at almond oil. Many almond oil products contain minerals and vitamins. This makes almond oil act as a moisturizer. This prevents hair loss which is mostly facilitated by the brittle and dry scalp. In addition to this, the nutrient the hair receives helps men hair stay strong, healthy; thick and grow faster. Moving on, coconut oil has proven effective when it comes to preventing and treating hair loss. Coconut oil is one of the few oils that penetrate well through the hair follicles. This oil prevents hair from losing its moisture. This minimizes the risks of someone experiencing hair loss. In addition to this, it protects the hair against fungi, bacteria, and viruses among others.

Let us shift our attention and look at lavender oil. This oil is commonly known for being effective against lice and nits. Lavender oil treats and prevents hair loss by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. This ensures the scalp is free from any infections that might trigger hair loss. Lastly, let us look at olive oil. It is one of the most expensive oil because it fully nourishes the hair. There are some olive oil products that are rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. These two nutrients play a vital role in the prevention of hair loss.