Illumiflow Laser Cap for Hair Growth

A lot of individuals are affected by hair loss, and many wear a wig or hat to hide their bad hair. But you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore because the new Illumiflow Laser Cap has been released. This product has diodes which contain 5mW of power and has been approved by the FDA. It features low-level light therapy technology which is the latest for the brand. The low light beams that it has to offer have been proven in the clinic to help stimulate the growth of hair.

Being a laser cap, the Illumiflow model is portable and is ideal for both men and women. Before this product was released to the public, people were only limited to using light therapy in expensive facilities. This isn’t the case anymore since the Illumiflow 272 Diodes Laser Cap can be brought wherever you go.

The cap is made with infrared lasers and not those that use LED lights. It also has a rechargeable pack so that you don’t have to spend so much on batteries.

There are a few features which make the Illumiflow Laser Cap quite comfortable for users today. This includes being a lightweight product, doesn’t require the hands, is very easy to use and is discreet to wear. Many people have already claimed that these laser caps are the best way to regrow your hair.

You can buy your Illumiflow Laser Cap today and start your hair regrowth journey.

Illumiflow Laser Cap Features

The hair growth cap is capable of improving cellular respiration on your scalp. It does this by stimulating the cells of a user’s hair follicles and makes it function a lot better. This will result in stronger, thicker and healthier hair overall.

  • Tested and approved clinically by the FDA
  • The device is a low-level laser therapy product
  • The entire head is covered and helps stimulate the scalp by giving it more energy in the shedding and resting phases
  • Not as bulky as other models out there
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery pack
  • Portable, easy to use and comfortable to wear

How Effective is the Illumiflow Laser Cap?

When you start using the product for hair growth, you can immediately recognize the changes in as early as one to three months. But positive results can be achieved only if you are consistent in using the laser cap for your hair. If not, you might be able to see results after six months of use. Using it more frequently is therefore recommended.

The types of results that you can expect include:

  • Hair that is a lot thicker and has more volume than before
  • The growth of hair in areas that were already balding
  • Less breakage of hair follicles
  • Significant improvement in hair health together with a shinier look

Final Words

You can experience most of these positive results after nine months of being used on a regular basis. This is often referred to as the stage where you maintain it to get good results continuously.

For those of you who’d like to bring back good hair growth, the Illumiflow Laser Cap 272 Diodes can be the right choice for you!

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Illumiflow Laser Cap


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