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Be Gentle on Your Hair

Hair products for women

According to my wife, long, bouncy and beautiful hair is the dream for every woman. She loves her hair and cares for it accordingly, best of shampoos, visits to her hairdressers etc . However after she gave birth to our first child her hair started to fall out. From my research, this seems a common occurrence for women.  Women can also lose their hair because of several reasons such as pollution, stress etc and also other hormonal changes that are experienced after monthly cycles, marriage, pregnancy, menopause and old age. However within modern society and more than ever before there is a high amount of pressure on women to maintain their image and the main aspect of that is their hair. Loss of hair for women is kind of a vicious circle, for example, you may lose your hair because of a hormonal change following birth and then the stress of losing your hair can also have a negative effect on you.

Hair loss among women can, however, be treated by using the correct products, once you understand the product you are using suits your hair type and how the product is to be used and the length of time before you will see results. Unfortunately, people expect results too quickly and lose hope on a product before it has actually had a chance to work. That’s why understanding the products are so important! Most hair products for women are chemically strong that may cause temporary relief from hair lo problems but may block the pores on the scalp that give a boost to the growth of new hair follicles. This may cause adverse effects in the long run. There are various shampoos, creams, serums, hair gels and oils that promise to deliver desired results to solve the problem of hair loss. Some of these products contain steroids that catalyze the growth of hair-raising hormones for a temporary period. This is why it is important that women carefully understand the composition of those products that they use on their hair.

The harmful chemical can cause inflammation and itching on the scalp. So, the best hair loss products for women are those which are not based on the chemicals and steroids, instead, they should rely on products that are herbal and based on natural compositions.

Herbs have a long lasting positive effect on the overall health of hair. Initially it may seem that their effect is slow and not visibly pleasing but in the long run, these products are very comforting for hair and scalp. They gently nourish the natural tendency of our hair and scalp and provide long-lasting nourishment to the scalp against hair fall.

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