Hair loss after having a baby

Hair loss after having a baby is something my wife is currently experiencing. When our own child was about 14 weeks old, my wife started to lose her hair,  she would mainly notice the difference when she was brushing it or when she was having a shower, I would hear her say ” oh no not again “, you see this wasn’t the first time she had issues with her hair, unfortunately she had an issue with hair loss not longer before our wedding, she blamed a certain hair product that was used on her and of course the stress of the wedding itself didn’t help the situation. This is one of the main reasons I started this venture, to build a website that discusses the very best products one the market so people, all ages, and gender can find the results they want.

Why am I experiencing  hair loss after having a baby

The hormonal situation in a body of a woman, while pregnant keeps the hair in a high growth phase. Many will comment on a pregnant woman, how healthy and thick her hair looks. This is because she is not losing hair that she would typically be losing and so the density of her hair increases during her pregnancy. So not only do you have above average healthy growing of the hair at the time of expectant, That you also do not lose hair during pregnancy that you normally would.

However, once the child is born, dramatic changes in the hormonal system occur. Part of this rapid change is that all hair follicles simultaneously go into a resting period and results in hair loss after having a baby. The resultant of losing of hair after arrive of a child can be extreme. Your newborn will also experience hair loss, so can learn more about that by clicking here 

Now while some will argue that stress does not cause female hair loss, the stress and emotional upheaval that occurs when the baby is born can result to exacerbate an already disturbed hormonal system, leading to more hair that is lost during this time off after birth.

As if that wasn’t enough for our new mom, from a nutritional perspective breastfeeding can severely deplete a woman’s nutrient reserves, leading to the likelihood more hair loss after having a baby.

Nothing that is done to fasten up the resting after child delivery hair growth period. Hair loss after having a baby is part of a normal expectant cycle.

Taking great care with good and appropriate products will help. Check out my reviews and discussions on products for women and vitanim.

Perhaps it is an excellent opportunity to have a new hairstyle.

Be aware of what you eat making sure you get enough nutrients to give you all you need as well as the baby while you are breastfeeding.

Have you experienced loss of hair after expectant? If so, you are not alone. This is a common occurrence among women after childbirth. The reason for this event is that estrogen is very low after pregnancy.

Hormones and Body Chemistry

Just many changes. The estrogen and progesterone are higher. Once the child is born, the hair goes into the stage known as the telogen stage, which just means it is resting. Then about three to six months after the baby is born, the follicles from the resting hair will begin to come out rapidly.

This is when many women panic and think they are losing all their hair. However, rest assured it will not all fallout. Another reason for excessive loss may be the birth control being used before becoming pregnant. This is the right time to go off oral contraceptives. They also cause the loss for the same reason as pregnancy. It is due to the production of estrogen and progesterone.

Give your body time to correct the body chemistry. By the time your baby is anywhere from six months to a year old, your hair will return to the regular cycles. What you are losing is already being replaced with new even as the old is falling out.

Resting Phase and Growing Phase

The simple way of looking at this temporary situation is that during the time of healthy hair growth from 85% to 95% of it is growing. The other 5% to 15% is in the resting phase. When the quiet period is over, you will lose these hairs. They are replaced with new hair that is usually already growing.

Women lose around 100 hairs per day. When you are pregnant, the higher levels of estrogen cause the growing stage to last longer. Therefore, the hairs that are usually in the resting stage at this point are still growing. So the hair is thicker when you are pregnant. When you give birth, and the estrogen levels drop, causing the follicles to go into the resting stage and start falling out.

The greatest loss is to women who have long hair. There is nothing you can do to stop the natural resting stage. However, many women feel this is the right time to go for a short cut. Mainly the reason for this is they do not have the time to style their coiffure as they would before childbirth.

There are products available that will help to strengthen hair and at least give it a fuller look until the new growth. There are different types of goods such as, mousse and thickener that will make your hair appear much thicker by adding volume.

So, if you have hair loss after pregnancy, do not get excited. It will come back, and you will have the shiny, manageable hair you had previously. Get the visions out of your head of waking up some morning and being completely bald.