Male pattern baldness and other forms of hair loss can be devastating to men. Some guys have no problem walking around bald because it doesn’t really bother them. They shave their head and spend the rest of their lives bald and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal at all.

Other men, on the other hand, do have a problem with going bald and male pattern baldness. For one reason or another, they desire to regrow hair and the best way to do that is to try hair loss products for men. For this every reason I decide to create this page to review and discuss Hair Products for Men. Perhaps this recent article on Why we Lose Hair we provide you with some valuable information.

Types of Men That Can Benefit from 

As mentioned, not every man is going to benefit from hair loss products. But if you are a man in a position of leadership, or you work in the fashion industry or TV or movies, you can definitely benefit from products of this type.

The most popular male careers to benefit from hair loss products include the following:

  • television star
  • movie star
  • CEO or chairman of a major corporation
  • Newscaster
  • Fashion model
  • any other career that will puts you in the spotlight

As you can clearly see, not all male hair loss is created equally. Some men need hair growth stimulation in the form of hair growth products. Other men can get away with it very easily. It all depends on their particular occupation.

I did recently discover the Black book on Hair Loss which details alot of information on Mens Hair Loss

The Benefits of Hair Growth Products for Men

The biggest benefits include:

  • Confidence – after you begin to grow your hair back, you will experience a level of confidence that you haven’t felt in many years. This confidence could end up changing your life for the better and setting you on a path to greater success.
  • Attractiveness – although men do not want to believe it, many women find them more attractive when they have hair as opposed to when they are bald. You will look and feel much more attractive when your hair starts to grow back again.




Top Products 

Provillus for men

1.Provillus for Men

This is a great product and one that contains the world’s only ingredient specifically approved by the USA Federal agency Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that is defined to treat Men’s hair loss, now that’s pretty cool!! Do you know what else is pretty cool, We have a very limited special offer for our readers where they can get a FREE bottle with your first purchase click here to order now

I have also taken the time to look at the stats relating to Provillus for Men;

hair loss products for men

So there you have it, some very interesting stats , why not take the opportunity to avail of the free bottle with your for order offer today – click here 


2.Toppik Hair Fibre

Toppik is one of the top brands when it comes to hair growth products for men and one particular product that has been getting great reviews is their Hair Fibre.

They have 9 different colors available, so there is no question that they have the colours that will suit you.

The colors are as follows, Auburn, Black, Dark Brown, Gray, Light Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, Medium Brown & White

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Another great thing about Toppik is that they offer a 30 Day money back guarantee



Toppik Hair Fibre is easy to apply and gives instant results, below is some photo proof


Once you apply the hair fiber you can see instant results. The fiber is easy to apply and is water resistant. The fibers stay in place until such time that you wash them out and work with all types of hair. It really is a product that is worth trying out and with their 30-day money back guarantee, what have you to lose? It is certainly a product that you can use together with other product we recommend on this site. For example, you can use this together with the vitamins with recommend. Give your hair the best possible chance !!  – click here

How Toppik Hair Fibre works



3.Ultrax Lab Hair Plush


Hair PlushUltrax Labs Hair Plush is  a product that I’ve researched and have seen great results. It is a Caffeine Thickening Treatment Formula. The product helps your hair by increasing the thickness of each individual hair strand.

About the Ultrax Labs Hair Plush
  • Thicken your Hair Instantly  with Advanced Leave In Caffeine Thickening Serum
  • Jump Starts and Re-Activates Hair Follicles to Grow Healthy Hair Again
  • Very Effective Leave In Caffeine Hair Stimulation Treatment
  • Ads boby and fullness to your thinning hair. Effective and Safe whether your male or female men
  • Speeds and Boosts up Production of New Hair Growth.

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