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Guest Post Submissions

So I’ve been received several requested through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from companies that want to feature on my website. These ranged from companies that want me to review their products to Hair Transplant services in America, UK and Turkey.

So to be fair to these companies I am going to open Guest Post Submissions to allow me to discuss their services or review their products. If you want to avail of this opportunity, you can email me at  Like I said I’ve already had quite a bit of interest in this so I will do my own research on the products/service first before any guest post is submitted to the site, I think we’ll all agree this is the fairest thing to do for the end reader.

Here are our guidelines for submissions:

  1. For best results aim for Guest posts between 600 – 800 words.
  2. Make a strong, clear argument supported by examples, details, and/or data.
  3. Get straight to the point – avoid long introductions
  4. Be sure to include a Picture 0f your product. If a business, we would need an address and business logo.
  5. Be sure to tell us about your product or business
  6. It’s great to include images to illustrate key points in your story i.e before and after photos.
  7. Please don’t send your story as a PDF — send it to us in a format that’s easy to edit like word or google docs.
  8. Make sure to include a URL for your website

All submissions to

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