What you need to know before getting a hair transplant.

Hair loss is becoming a chronic trouble for many people. This is mainly because of the stressed lifestyle and the changing food habits that are causing the diverse effect on the health of most people. However, with the advancement of the medical science particularly in the field of cosmetic surgery and treatments, one can now have beautiful hair at any age through artificial and superficial methods. There are lots of hair transplants methods, which you can opt for and they are equally effective. But the results of each method vary from one person to another regarding effectiveness. Of course getting a hair transplant can be expensive so why not check out my page Products for Men and my Top Picks on the Hompage 

Why opt for hair transplant?

Getting a hair transplant is a major decision that should be made with care and caution. There are many factors associated with such cosmetic treatments that you should consider before you go under the knife. Also, make sure you opt for a hair transplant clinic, which is reputed, and also ensures that you have a proper understanding with your doctor about what you are expecting of them. Depending on the severity of your hair fall, the type of hair transplant treatment suitable for you would vary. Hair transplant methods that are best suited for your doctor would suggest your condition to you.

MUHG hair transplant surgery

Multi-unit hair graft transplantation is one of the best methods as it provides the patient with the most natural looking hairline that is possible. This kind of hair transplant provides the patients with maximum hair density per procedure. The blend of the surgical techniques as well as the hair grouping methods called grafts can be applied on different patients. The application can be modified according to the need of the patient as well. This customization can help with treating the individual needs of patients, which are different from each other.

Hair stem cell transplantation

This is another surgical method, which can provide very natural results, and the result is also comparatively permanent too. This method uses natural stem cells in specially developed mediums, which always guarantee that there is increased rate of hair growth in the stem cells. The components are composed such that the results are always positive and this method emphasis on natural hair growth which makes it so unique. A natural hairline can be easily created with smaller hair grafts using this particular process.  Well, it is considered as one of the most popular transplantation methods among all when you make a list of hair transplant methods across the world today.

Follicular unit transplantation

This is popularly known as the strip method. With the help of this method, a piece of hair and skin is taken from the back of the head then it is sectioned and divided into smaller grafts that are then transplanted to the region to be treated. Well, it is seen that it can lead to excessive scars in the donor area, and it is very painful as well. Also, since the square grafts are being implanted into round holes, scar tissues are formed too.


The famous Follicular unit extractions process

It is considered as one of the best modern technique in comparison to FUT and this procedure; an entire hair follicle is supposed to take from the donor area, and then it is implanted in the receptor area. However, this particular system can lead to scarring in the donor area too. Dozens of round scars are formed in the donor area due to this method. The major disadvantage of this process is that no regrowth can occur in the donor area in future as the entire follicle is being extracted. This procedure is also more efficient than FUT and success rate is almost 96% for this method.


The effectiveness of the methods varies from person to person depending on the hair type. The hair texture also matters in determining the efficiency of the process. Also, the clinic and the doctor who is performing the entire process or the transplant should be experienced and also he should be known for being consistent, and this is important factors which you should ensure when you are opting for such cosmetic treatments. Lastly, the cost effectiveness of the treatment is also critical too.


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