How to Deal with Postpartum Hair Loss

Ever since you had your first baby, did you start to notice hair falling off your scalp a lot more than before? Perhaps you’ve avoided using the brush because you fear to lose even more of your precious hair. Postpartum hair loss often happens to women after giving birth and is caused by the changes in their hormones. So even though this may be a worrying predicament for you, you can relax a little knowing that you are not alone.

To some degree, each woman experiences loss of hair after pregnancy because of the changing levels of hormones in their body. The estrogen levels go down which causes more hair follicles shed and thus leading to postpartum hair loss. The good news about this is that the shedding will start to lessen over time. You can expect your hair to grow back to the way it was in about six to twelve months after you’ve given birth. Although alarming at first, you don’t have to stress yourself knowing that this is all normal.


Here’s What You Can Do

There’s nothing you can do to stop postpartum hair loss, but there are things that you can do to make the best out of this situation. Being gentler with your hair is a good start. Experts suggest that new moms should avoid brushing their hair too much or use hair elastic that is too tight. You should also skip blow drying, curling and flat irons for now and any other chemical-based treatments such as perms or highlights. You can get back to this once the shedding of your hair stops.

While your body adjusts to its new hormone levels after giving birth, you can get help from a professional hair stylist or trichologist at the meantime. Getting the right haircut can do a lot of good for you. Aside from getting hair advice from the experts, having a fresh look from the new hairstyles can make you look like you’re not worried about anything during this phase.

Woman wearing a headband for postpartum hair loss

Besides getting a new cut, you can also try wearing ornaments to add a little fun and style to disguise your postpartum hair loss. Scarves, bandanas and headbands are quite popular with new mothers who don’t have much time to devote to caring for their hair.


When to Be Concerned About Postpartum Hair Loss

Normally, your hair should grow back to its usual fullness after a year has passed. If postpartum hair loss continues even after a year, you may want to visit a trichologist for an accurate diagnosis. There might be something else that is contributing to this phenomenon. There are many reasons why people lose hair and getting a diagnosis from an expert is important to treat this effectively. You can be given a treatment that encourages hair growth by then.

Even though losing hair after pregnancy is often associated with changes in hormonal levels, visiting a general practitioner for a thorough checkup can help if you’re still worried. If there are other symptoms involved, postpartum hair loss can also be a sign of thyroiditis.

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