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Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets

Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets

The whole pregnancy process can be truly amazing and life-changing. However, it has a massive impact on your body and one of the areas is, of course, your hair. Did you know that before pregnancy you probably lost between 80-100 strands of hair each day, however during your pregnancy this is significantly reduced and you lose very little hair. The real problems start to occur post pregnancy, most women will start to lose their hair. After going several months with losing very little hair, you will now start to notice hair loss after brushing your hair or washing your hair in the shower. This is because your estrogen levels have dropped considerably and a lot more hair follicles now enter the resting stage. It can take 6 – 12 months before you get your hair back to the pre-pregnancy stage.

We can all agree that most women love their hair and its a massive part of their image, so why wouldn’t you want to help and support your maintenance of normal healthy hair? That why I am delighted to share this with you

More About Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets

Nourkrin has developed several products for hair loss and have over 20 years in the industry. Their Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets are one of their best sellers, it is scientifically formulated to help post pregnant women with the maintenance of normal healthy hair. I can personally vouch for this product because my wife used these after giving birth to our first child. Of course, we did our own research about  and discovered great reviews and results,  It had received a Gold Medal from the World Trichology Society, which is a Society that is persistent in assisting the public via education concerning the possible causes regarding hair loss plus informing them about the particular different types of hair loss remedies.

Final Say on Nourkrin Post Pregnancy

When all is said and done, it’s fair to say that Nourkrin is a brand that are experts in their field and has a proven record. If you’re just after given birth and finding yourself losing hair, then Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets are what you need. To give yourself the best possible chance it is recommended that you use these for a minimum of 6 months. Don’t be one of these people who never fulfil the recommended time period for products, you want to give yourself and your hair the best possible chance to get back to its pre-pregnancy stage and therefore 6 months supply is what you need. You don’t need to buy 6 months supply today but when your first month’s supplies is running low, please make sure to make your next purchase.



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Research, research , research

I know in the property section one of the most important factors is Location, and you will hear the experts say Location, Location Location, well in the online marketing world the same can be said for Research, it really is all about research, research, research. It is just so important to have done your research on a product before you recommended it, obviously, in my case, it’s hair loss products.Down the line, my plan is also to research services such as Hair transplants etc.

When I decided to build this site, I thought getting products would be simple, but it does take up a lot of time, of which I totally understand it’s time worth spending. My goal is to provide you guys with the best products available to buy online. Te good news is that some of my research has paid off and I have recently added some products to the men’s hair loss section  I have also recently added the Provillus women’s product in the women’s hair loss section. Both great products that I am delighted to share with your guys. Trust me there are more hair loss products reviews coming

I have also done some research on Hair Loss Treatment cap, yes I said Cap, this product is worn on your head for 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week and the results and the feedback from my research is absolutely great. I have contacted the company that manufactures these hair loss caps and as soon as I get more details, I’ll be delighted to share all the information with you guys.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break and thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. Do spend a bit of time browsing through the website and I hope you find the Hair loss solution that suits you best.

Hair Products for Women . Be careful with your products chooses

Be Gentle on Your Hair

Hair products for women

According to my wife, long, bouncy and beautiful hair is the dream for every woman. She loves her hair and cares for it accordingly, best of shampoos, visits to her hairdressers etc . However after she gave birth to our first child her hair started to fall out. From my research, this seems a common occurrence for women.  Women can also lose their hair because of several reasons such as pollution, stress etc and also other hormonal changes that are experienced after monthly cycles, marriage, pregnancy, menopause and old age. However within modern society and more than ever before there is a high amount of pressure on women to maintain their image and the main aspect of that is their hair. Loss of hair for women is kind of a vicious circle, for example, you may lose your hair because of a hormonal change following birth and then the stress of losing your hair can also have a negative effect on you.

Hair loss among women can, however, be treated by using the correct products, once you understand the product you are using suits your hair type and how the product is to be used and the length of time before you will see results. Unfortunately, people expect results too quickly and lose hope on a product before it has actually had a chance to work. That’s why understanding the products are so important! Most hair products for women are chemically strong that may cause temporary relief from hair lo problems but may block the pores on the scalp that give a boost to the growth of new hair follicles. This may cause adverse effects in the long run. There are various shampoos, creams, serums, hair gels and oils that promise to deliver desired results to solve the problem of hair loss. Some of these products contain steroids that catalyze the growth of hair-raising hormones for a temporary period. This is why it is important that women carefully understand the composition of those products that they use on their hair.

The harmful chemical can cause inflammation and itching on the scalp. So, the best hair loss products for women are those which are not based on the chemicals and steroids, instead, they should rely on products that are herbal and based on natural compositions.

Herbs have a long lasting positive effect on the overall health of hair. Initially it may seem that their effect is slow and not visibly pleasing but in the long run, these products are very comforting for hair and scalp. They gently nourish the natural tendency of our hair and scalp and provide long-lasting nourishment to the scalp against hair fall.

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From 90% hair loss to healthier hair

I discovered Melanie story while researching products for women, as I read through Melanie story I could relate to her situation. At 32 years young she had lost 90% of her hair …. a very dramatic and heartbreaking event.  Melanie took action and started to look for natural remedies for her hair loss. Within months she could see great results, healthier, stronger and shinier hair. Melanie shares her success story and how she achieved her goal to great and healthy hair with us. Please see the following link Melanie Amazing Hair Growth Story – Click Here!

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Hair Loss Black Book

Neil Thomas Hair Loss Black Book

Neil Thoams goes into great detail discussing the natural techniques that the over the counters shops do not want you to discover. He provides us with everything you need to understand that hair regrowth is achievable through solutions based on science and facts. the information provide in his black book covers everything about hair re-growth, it really is a very educational experience.To get this book please click the following link – Hair Loss Black Book

Neil goes into the fine details such as the following;

  • SCIENCE and FACTS behind DHT
  • Restoring your body’s hormonal imbalance
  • Facts to aid scalp care.
  • A powerful detox plan
  • Why bodybuilders are more likely to lose hair
  • How exercise and fitness routines can help you
  • How smoking and alcohol can affect your hair growth
  • And much much more

This is truely a well worth educationally experience. To start your hair growth , click this link Hair Loss Black Book


I have also written an article on Why we lose hair that is a great read, while also my other pages on products for mens hair loss and oils for hair regrowth will also interest you.

Why We Lose Hair

Sometimes in life we have to go face-to-face with an unfortunate truth. While some of us will make it well into our 80s and 90s with a full head of hair, others are going to start going bald in their 30s and 40s.

Whether you realize it or not, people shed hair every day. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that the average person sheds around 50 to 100 hairs on a daily basis. So this is a natural and normal process that we all have to go through.

For the most part, people will never notice when you are naturally shedding your hair. The reason why is simple. New hair will also begin growing in as your hair sheds. So there’s nothing to worry about for most people.

You will run into hair loss problems when the hair growth cycle comes to an end. In situations like this, the hair follicle actually ends up getting destroyed. When that happens, scar tissue will replace the follicle and new hair will no longer be able to grow in.

As you can imagine, there are many reasons why we lose our hair. In today’s discussion, we will go over the various reasons why people lose their hair and hopefully this will help you better understand everything that you’re going through.

At the end of the day, please know that there are millions of other people experiencing hair loss just like you. You are not alone in this fight. Although it does seem lonely at times when you look in the mirror and wonder where all of your beautiful hair has gone.

The Four Major Causes of Hair Loss

As far as hair loss is concerned, there are four major categories in which all potential hair loss conditions fall under.

It may not be easy to understand the exact cause of hair loss, but when it happens, it’s typically because one or more of the following influences are at hand.

The four major hair loss causes include: medical conditions, hormonal changes, medications, and family history.

To help you better understand each one of the hair loss categories, we will provide a detailed breakdown and a better explanation.

Medical Conditions

When you suffer from certain medical conditions, you will potentially experience hair loss. More often than not, this hair loss will seem irreversible. But there are certain methods and supplements that can help regrow hair. Ive reviewed some Vitamins that can help regrow your hair , have a look at by clicking the following link – vitamins for hair loss

As far as medical conditions are concerned, the typical problems that eventually lead to hair loss include the following:

  • Infections of the scalp – when you suffer from certain infections of the scalp including ringworm, it can invade your skin and ultimately cause your hair to fall out. When infections like ringworm take place, your scalp will develope scaly patches and hair will fall out because of them.
  • Alopecia – when the natural immune system of your body begins to attack your hair follicles, your hair is going to actually fall out. This will lead to patchy hair loss and smooth, round bald patches on your scalp.
  • Skin disorders – certain skin disorders can also cause baldness. Psoriasis, sarcoidosis, lupus, and lichen planus are a few of the conditions that could potentially lead to hair loss problems.

Hormonal Changes

When people experience hormonal changes, it can often lead to chemical imbalances in the body that ultimately lead to hair loss. These changes are not usually permanent, because the hair loss is most likely only going to be temporary.

Some potential issues that could lead to hormonal changes that will cause hair loss include the following:

  • childbirth
  • pregnancy
  • thyroid gland problems
  • menopause

As you can see, there are clearly a number of different hormonal imbalances that can take place that will ultimately lead to hair loss. If this happens to you, there’s nothing to worry about because your hair will grow back once your hormones go back into balance.

Remember, hormonal hair loss is only temporary at best. So there’s nothing to fear about this possible condition. Many of us will feel frightened when it first begins happening seemingly out of nowhere. If you loss hair becuase of the above mentioned reasosn, you should check out my review on Hair Loss Products for Women. Also I recently discovered a story where Melanie lost 90% of her hair but changed her situation around to now have healthy hair again, have a look for yourself – Melanie hair regrowth story


Certain medication will also lead to unexpected and unwanted hair loss. Just like we mentioned with certain hormonal imbalances, your hair could begin to grow again after you stop taking the medications.

In many instances, these medications are actually 100% necessary because they could potentially help save your life. If you are suffering from certain conditions like heart problems, arthritis, cancer, or depression, then you’re going to need to take your medication because you can otherwise get sick or even die.

The medications that typically cause hair loss are for conditions that include:

  • cancer
  • depression
  • arthritis
  • high blood pressure
  • heart problems

Another area that we haven’t mentioned already is vitamins. If you take too strong a dose of vitamin A, this could actually lead to eventual hair loss as well. So if you have hair loss problems and you take vitamin A supplements, you may want to cut back to find out if it is negatively affecting your hair.

Family History

At the end of the day, it should come as no surprise to anyone that hair loss is also a hereditary condition.

As a matter of fact, the terms male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness are based on genetics.

If certain members of your family were bald, your chances of also going bald in the future become much greater.

These hair loss patterns are often very predictable and will usually begin following a very predictable and specific path.

Men will usually begin experiencing hair loss with bald spots and a receding hairline. As far as women go, their hair loss problems typically start with hair thinning.

Your family history will also have an effect on the age when you begin to lose your hair. Not only that, it also plays a role in the extent of your baldness and the rate at which you will lose your hair.


It should be clear that there are many reasons why we lose hair. Take a look at the reasons shared with you today and figure out if you can discover why you are going bald.