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Hair loss is something which can come in all shapes and sizes. While there are certain factors which would contribute to or even accelerate it, there is no denying the fact that you would also be a victim of hair loss. Now it might be that your scalp is lacking vitamins and moisture, or your hair follicles are being clogged by oil. No matter what the reason might be, hair loss is a problem which would need to be dealt with in an effective manner. In addition, this should also be done quickly so that you would be able to limit the extent of damage to some extent.


In terms of hair loss treatments, you would be able to find plenty of them in the market. Thanks to there being such a diverse range of choices available, you might be confused about which one to pick out. This is because some of them would help to combat dandruff while others would help to increase the amount of hair that would be lost during brushing or showering. We have provided our visitors with a top 5 when it comes to hair loss treatments, including best growth shampoo. Check the chart here >>Top Five Chart <<


Otherwise, if you would like to make a safe choice, it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the best hair growth shampoos that you would be able to find in today’s times. So without further ado, continue reading below.

      1.Provillus for men

After doing a ton of research for the best Men’s hair growth shampoo we voted Provillus the number one choice. We have a fully dedicated page which discusses and reviews the product, so check it out here Provillus for men . Or perhaps you just want to take our word for it and go ahead and buy Provillus now 

      2.Therapy G shampoo

Again another one of our favorite shampoos that’s currently on the market and one we again have a full dedicated page to Therapy G shampoo . I have received several personal messages from people who have had great results from this shampoo, so I have no issues tell you guys about it now. If you want to can go ahead and make your purchase today

      3.Provillus for women

This is a product my own wife had great success with after she lost quite a bit of hair after pregnancy, becoming a mother for the first time is hard enough without losing your hair. As a result of seeing these results first hand , we voted it our Top women shampoo. You can have a look at the review page here.

Or perhaps you just want to visit the Provillus site for some more information

        4.Ultrax Labs hair surge caffeine hair loss growth stimulating shampoo

This is a shampoo that tends to use caffeine in order to improve the health and texture of your hair, along with stimulating your hair follicles. It also tends to contain Ketoconazole which is known as an anti-inflammatory molecule that has been shown to prevent the loss of hair.

Other than all this, it also contains saw palmetto which has been though to block one of the biochemical pathways which would otherwise contribute to hair loss.

Hence, it has been recommended that you use this shampoo five times per week and also be left for five minutes during each use. According to most people, they have been able to notice a difference within two weeks to a month. On the other hand, if you would like to get the best results, then you should use this shampoo on a daily basis rather than five times a week. In this way, it would not cause drying or any sort of side effects.

       5.Pura d’or premium organic shampoo for hair loss prevention

This is a shampoo that contains biotin. Thanks to this, it would help to increase the circulation of your hair follicles and also strengthen your existing hair. In addition, saw palmetto would also help to block the biochemical pathway that would otherwise lead to hair loss. Amongst other ingredients, this would be B vitamins, argan oil, and many others.

In terms of use, it should only be left for two minutes.

According to the reviews, it has been found to be mainly positive. This is because in addition to smelling good, a lot of the customers have reported that their hair loss has decreased within a couple of weeks. Since it does not contain any harmful ingredients, you would not need to worry about side effects

     6.Phytoworx organic hair loss shampoo for hair recovery and growth

This shampoo uses plant-based ingredients and stem cells which would help to stimulate the scalp and reverse hair fall and baldness. As for customer reports, they have seen improvements within a few days to a couple of weeks. Simply put, this would help to prevent the hair from falling out in clumps, avoid dryness, and also thicken the hair by stimulating new growth. This would work best for some people. For others, it would be best if they mix it with another conditioner or shampoo in order to derive the best results.



Thanks to there being so many options to choose from, you would definitely be able to find one which would be perfect for you. Just like there are natural options, you would also be able to find organic ones. While there are some which would take some time to kick in, there would be others which would allow you to see a difference right from the first use. All in all, hair growth shampoos are ones which are considered to be pretty good investments.


Than you for reading my article on  Best hair growth shampoo


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