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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Best Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Options

Need a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement option?  Well, you’re in luck, we work with people that are looking for Non-Surgical Hair Replacement.

There many methods of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement and finding the right would for you is the most important step.  We have come a long way in hair replacement treatments.  There are medications to well-made hair pieces.

These pieces are not like those of the past, they look very natural.  Surgical hair loss treatment methods such as hair transplants and scalp reductions are popular among the hair loss group out there, but they aren’t the only option.

There are medications that you can rub on your head that will help stimulate the hair to grow more.  These work great if you see the first signs of hair loss and catch it in time. Check out my homepage for a list of our top-rated oils and shampoo’s These methods only work at the first signs of hair loss and overtime will not work if not done every day.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Laser Hair Growth Hats

Laser hair growth is relatively new and again, isn’t for those that have gone totally bald but for those that are experiencing thinning and want to stop it before it does go bald.

This method is where they use a laser to activate the hair follicles that are on your head and not dead yet.  Here you either have a laster comb or a laser helmet that you use on your head and apply this treatment 10 – 15 mins 3-4 times a day.  This sounds a bit strange, but it has many case studies that show there is an improvement.

We have already reviewed the top 3 Laser Hair Growth Hats. These are a follows;

Laser Caps Reviews

Laser caps have taken the hair loss world by storm. We have decided to review the top 3 Laser caps on the market
Illumiflow Laser CapCapillus Laser CapIRestore Laser Cap
Price Range: $749Price Range: $899-$2,999Price Range: $699
Overall Rating: 4 StarsOverall Rating: 5 StarsOverall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review NowReview NowReview Now
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Hairpiece – Non-surgical hair Replacement 

Hairpieces have come a long way over the years.  Back in the day, you could totally pick out the guy with the hairpiece, but those days are no longer.  They have come out with better glues, sprays and attachment ways.  As well as the hairpiece itself is a high-quality piece that will make you proud.

In the past, the materials were bulky and very obvious, but now, they have much higher quality hair products, some even use real hair in the pieces.  The most common forms of attachment are glue, tape, and clips and some of these can be attached up to 4 weeks if cared for properly. Or there is a bond that can be worn just during the day and it can be removed at night for a better sleep.  This is merely personal preference.

There is a method to having your hairpiece attach well, look great and stay in place.  There are various attachment options, hairpiece options and all kinds of different things to research.

All of these methods are a viable way to have hair replacement without surgery.  There are several other options out there as well, but these seem to be some of the most popular.  Should you find yourself in need of hair replacement without surgery, try looking further into these options.


5 Side effects associated with the Hair Restoration

If you are losing hair with more than 100 hair strands daily then it is an alarming stage of hair loss. The problem of hair loss is a serious concern and a major devastating situation as it affects ones’ looks and personality. The opting of hair restoration surgery is not just good, but also a solid option to achieve the original hair back with full of caliber, color, and texture. It is 100% a natural process via the cosmetic procedure that gives aesthetic outcomes in terms of implantation of original hair roots into the affected bald area of the scalp. The procedure of hair transplantation involves the hair roots, shifting from the donor location to the recipient area of the scalp, which is affected by the baldness. The procedure is regarded as one of the typical cosmetic surgery that caters both the surgical as well as the artistic jobs and that’s why it needs an extreme precision, artistic skills, and knowledge to perform it with the greatest effect of the aesthetic touch and balance.

The hair transplant cost is a dynamic factor that is decided by a number of factors involved in it such as a state of hair loss, the grade of baldness, used a number of grafts, and the practiced technique, and the last, but not least is the location of the clinic.

It is important to know about side effects associated with the hair restoration procedure to get a clarification against doubt and confusions as follows:

  1. Pain: Pain is associated with the procedure, whether the technique is FUT or FUE to some extent. As a matter of fact, the feeling of pain is just limited to the extraction of hair roots and the remaining part of the surgery is free from any kind of hassle or discomfort. The Surgeon uses the dose of local anesthesia to reduce the effect of pain and the pain management in the procedure has a special concern in the surgery that makes them as easier as a regular part of the surgical procedure. So, don’t worry about pain, it is a common part of the surgery and takes it easy.
  2. Infection: It is needed to recommend a short course of antibiotics after the restoration procedure as the incision associated with the procedure can cause a risk of wound and swelling that must be treated properly at the right time. If the performing Surgeon is an expert in the same field and has very well facilities of the hygienic and safety concern, the chances of infections are very less, nonetheless, the dose of antibiotics is recommended after the procedure.
  3. Swelling: It is very common to receive swelling after the procedure, mainly in the front areas around the eyes for a few days that go spontaneously. So, it is not a serious concern and can be taken as normal as the other surgical effect. If the swelling doesn’t go within 5-6 days, it is recommended to consult with your Surgeon.
  4. Hair Shedding: The hair shedding at the very first phase of hair regrowth after transplantation is very common and can be noticed anywhere between 1-5 weeks that is a part of the growth transition phase. It is a common phenomenon and after a few months, a patient can be assured about the regrowth of hair that lasted forever.
  5. Scarring: The scarring after the procedure is not common because it occurs due to the improper management of the surgery. It is mandatory to apply the advanced closing technique, named as a Trichophytic closure that gives negligible scars effect as it follows the overlapping pattern for closing the edges of the incision.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplantation is only a permanent solution to pattern hair loss and safe and infection-free that must perform by the expert plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon.

Vitamins with Biotin

Hair vitamins with biotin

When looking for hair vitamin products, it would be a good idea to look for one which would contain biotin. Even though you might have heard about this ingredient from time to time, you seem to not have given much importance to this.

So, if you would really like your hair vitamins to work, it would seem sensible to purchase a product which has biotin included in it.

Simply put, this would be a vitamin which would be water-soluble and also belongs to the Vitamin B family. Also known as Vitamin H, this would help your body to convert certain nutrients into energy. Other than that, it would also play an important role in the health of your skin, hair, and nails.

Even though biotin deficiency is something which has been found to be quite rare, that does not mean that this kind of a situation does not occur. In the off chance that it does, you would be able to consume hair vitamins in order to reap additional benefits.

Hence, if you would like to know how biotin hair vitamins would work in your favor, continue reading below.

Best Vitamins_with_biotinWhere to Buy Vitamins with Biotin

Look if your reading this page, its because you have hair loss issues. I have been there myself, hence why I created this website. I am forever searching for great products to share with my readers and I am delighted that I can share Hair Grow Plus Vitamins from the guys at Kimi Naturals.  

Of course, these contain Biotin and the results people are having are amazing. Vitamins are such a great way to get your hair loss recovery started. Talk is cheap, action is golden. Take the action you deserve today and make your Order Now . Get your confidence back.

Here is a video testimonial from a guy who made an investment in himslef and took the action required to buy Hair Grow Plus a great Vitamin with Biotin


Daily recommended intake of Biotin

Since biotin deficiency is regarded as being quite rare, the dosage of such hair vitamins has also been found to be low. However, this would also depend upon the sex, age, and overall health of the person in question.

It would be for this reason that experts have laid out a guideline which people of all ages would be able to follow. For people who would be ten years and older, they should get between 30 and 100 mcg per day. As for infants, the following rules apply:

  • From birth to three years: 10 to 20 mcg
  • Four to six years: 25 mcg
  • Seven to ten years: 30 mcg.

As for women who would be expecting or in the period of breastfeeding, they would require higher levels of vitamins with biotin. As such, they should consult their doctor regarding the daily dosage.


Other benefits of Biotin

Even though more research would be required to assess the effects of vitamins with biotin on hair growth, it could not be denied that biotin does some with several other benefits. For instance, biotin would be able to help you support a healthy metabolism. This is because it would convert glucose from carbohydrates which would then provide the body with the required amount of energy in order to carry out normal body functions. On the other hand, it could also help to improve cognitive functions, reduce inflammation, and help lower blood sugar level in people who have diabetes.


Warnings and risks

Even though there would be no harm in adding foods which would be rich in biotin to your diet, you should be careful in the case of adding supplements. As such, you should consult with your doctor before you would add the supplement to your routine. This is because some people have reported to experience skin irritation and rash.


The final word on Vitamins with Biotin 

Therefore, if you would be suffering from hair loss or thinning of hair, hair vitamins with biotin would definitely help you in the process of hair regrowth. In addition, this could also help in shine and thickness.

If you are already happy with the food items that have been included in your diet, you could think about consuming Folligen capsules. With claims being made to improve the thickness and appearance of your hair, this is something which you would definitely be able to give a try. The people who have used are extremely happy with the results they have gotten. Even though certain people have complained that they have not noticed any changes as such, you would have to look at what the majority of users are saying. Simply put, the reviews have been found to be quite positive.


However, just like any other hair growth regimen that you would be undertaking, this is something which would require a bit of time and commitment. Over the course of time, you would definitely be able to see the results that you so greatly desire. In addition, Folligen capsules are also relatively inexpensive. This means that you would not need to dig deep into your pockets in order to attain this product.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog on Vitamins with biotin.

Make your Order at Kimi Naturals today

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Regrowth biotin shampoo

Regrowth biotin shampooHair regrowth shampoo biotin

Firstly if you are reading this it is probably because you are suffering from hair loss, I’ve been there before just like you!! My confidence was hit and hit hard, my image was damaged and I was only in my twenties, I sent hours searching for something that would help me and it was a struggle, that’s why I decided to build this site Hair Loss Treatment Reviews . Now let’s look at a particular product that is having great results for hair loss – Regrowth biotin shampoo.

While hair growth shampoos are something which you have been hearing about for quite some time now, you are confused about whether it would actually do the trick or not. This is because marketing gimmicks are things which you are quite familiar with. With enticing claims and superb prices, it tends to draw in customers and convince them in to buying their products. However, once you purchase them, you realize that it does not perform the desired function. With you being stuck, there is nothing that you would be able to do about it.

Amongst other things, you might also have heard about hair growth shampoo with biotin included in it. Now that might make you wonder if certain shampoos would actually be able to improve the health and condition of your hair.In that case, you would be happy to find out that this is indeed true. While normal shampoos would help to get rid of dirt and build up of oil from your hair, there would be other shampoos which have been specifically designed to combat specific issues. One of them would be hair fall. As such, regrowth biotin shampoos would fall under this category as it would point you towards a particular direction and also offer you several other benefits along the way.


Reasons why regrowth biotin shampoo is good for your hair

This is a B complex vitamin that you would be able to find in cauliflower, eggs, and cucumber. Termed to be a vitamin for “hair food”, biotin would help to make your hair appear strong and thick, besides increasing hair growth. It would be because of this reason that you would find so many people taking biotin supplements as it would help to boost the growth of hair. In addition, a lot of people would also include biotin-rich food items in your diet.


Regrowth Biotin shampoo

  1. Provillus Shampoo

Provillus is a long-term favorite of Hair Loss Treatments review, so much so that we have voted it as our best shampoo for men and best shampoo for women.It really is a great Regrowth biotin shampoo

You can review the individual reviews by clicking them links highlighted in blue. I have a full dedicated page for these products. Or you if you want you can go straight to their website and make a purchase today Provillus for men or Provillus for women

Here are some reviews we have taken from real people;

Biotin shampoo for hair loss

Biotin Shampoo

Biotin shampoo


   2.Organix Thick And Full Biotin And Collagen Shampoo

This is a shampoo that would help to increase hair growth. This is because it would help to provide intense hydration while also nourishing your locks. With the help of regular use, your hair would appear thick, healthy, and full. The special formula would also help to add volume to thin and limp hair.


  • Just a little bit would help you to go a long way
  • Packaging has been made in a way that you would be able to use it in traveling
  • Free of parabens and SLS
  • Lathers well
  • A pleasant fragrance
  • Improves the texture of your hair
  • Helps to add volume.


  • You might find it difficult to get this shampoo.

Here are some reviews from real people;

3.Aloe Veda Mild Nourishing Shampoo

Thanks to the inclusion of aloe veda, this shampoo would help you to nourish your hair, treat dandruff, and also improve texture. Since this shampoo would help to improve the health of your scalp, it would encourage the growth of new hair. So, if you would be suffering from weak hair and dandruff, then this shampoo would be perfect for you. With its mild formulation, you would be able to use it daily as well.



  • Clean your scalp and hair in an efficient manner
  • Lathers well
  • A little bit would help you to go a long way
  • Suitable for oily hair
  • Helps to control hair fall
  • Pleasant fragrance.


  • Contains SLES
  • Not suitable for dry hair.



So there you go our top 3 Regrowth biotin shampoo . Hopefully, this would remind you to look for biotin as an ingredient the next time you would go shopping for your shampoo.

Hope you enjoy our post on Regrowth biotin shampoo. 


Guest Posts

Guest Post Submissions

So I’ve been received several requested through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from companies that want to feature on my website. These ranged from companies that want me to review their products to Hair Transplant services in America, UK and Turkey.

So to be fair to these companies I am going to open Guest Post Submissions to allow me to discuss their services or review their products. If you want to avail of this opportunity, you can email me at  Like I said I’ve already had quite a bit of interest in this so I will do my own research on the products/service first before any guest post is submitted to the site, I think we’ll all agree this is the fairest thing to do for the end reader.

Here are our guidelines for submissions:

  1. For best results aim for Guest posts between 600 – 800 words.
  2. Make a strong, clear argument supported by examples, details, and/or data.
  3. Get straight to the point – avoid long introductions
  4. Be sure to include a Picture 0f your product. If a business, we would need an address and business logo.
  5. Be sure to tell us about your product or business
  6. It’s great to include images to illustrate key points in your story i.e before and after photos.
  7. Please don’t send your story as a PDF — send it to us in a format that’s easy to edit like word or google docs.
  8. Make sure to include a URL for your website

All submissions to

Hair loss essential Oils

Hair loss essential oilsHair loss essential Oils

Are you looking for information about hair loss? If yes, you are the right place. The hair loss treatments review website is dedicated towards providing you with information regarding hair loss. Today; we are going to focus on essential oils. Hair loss can be quite a frustrating process that no one wishes to experience.

Hair speaks a lot about not only your body appearance but also your health. It is therefore important to take care of your hair. I have dedicated a lot of years researching on hair loss. I have come to understand that hair loss is caused by many factors ranging from stress, hormonal imbalance, overuse of dyes and bleaches among others.

There are many remedies used to eliminate or reduce hair loss process. From the research I have done, Peppermint Castor Oil DIY Scalp Treatment Kit is a great product with amazing reviews, check out more details on my oils for hair loss page. This product was rewarded my Top pick for oils treatments.   I was able to come up with a list of hair loss essential oils that have proved to be effective over the years as far as hair loss is concerned. Here are some of them:

  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Cedar wood
  • West Indian bay
  • Clary Sage


This is a very essential oil as far as hair care is concerned. It has been scientifically proven to help both scalp and hair. Rosemary serves many purposes ranging from treating dandruff, increasing circulation and giving life to both undernourished and imbalanced hair. That’s not all; it reduces stimulation of follicles, reducing oily and congested skin on the scalp. This effectively promotes hair growth.


This is all rounded oil. It has been scientifically proven to deal with various ailments, including hair loss. It treats dry scalp by replenishing its lost moisture and inflamed skin. In short, it contains some therapeutic substances that keep hair strong and healthy, thus reducing hair loss.


This essential oil is worth checking out. This is because it helps a lot in strengthening a person’s scalp, so that hair doesn’t fall off. Thyme is commonly known for both promoting and supporting blood circulation.

Cedar wood

Cedar wood is a well known essential oil. It has for many years been as a supportive oil as far as hair loss is concerned. This oil helps to cleanse both the scalp and the skin. The good thing about Cedar wood is that it can be used by people with both oily and dry skins. You should try this oil as it not only prevents hair loss but also promotes hair growth.

West Indian bay

The leaves of this tree have for centuries been used by people suffering from scalp infections and hair loss among others. Most hair loss products such as Shampoos and hair conditioners use this natural oil.

Clary Sage

Most experts recommend hair products with Clary Sage. This oil is well known for its ability to put a halt to both oily scalp and hair. It also helps improve the circulation of blood.Clary Sage is a great choice when it comes to preventing hair loss as it is readily available.

These are just some of the essential oils that play a vital role when it comes to fighting hair loss. A person can purchase hair loss cure products containing the above oils. Kindly tell your friends and colleagues about our hair loss treatments review website.

Thank you for reading my blog on Hair loss essential oils








Types of hair loss patterns

Types of hair loss patterns

No one wishes to lose his/her beautiful hair. Sadly; this wish cannot be granted to everyone. There are some of us who have experienced hair loss due to various reasons ranging from age and some medical conditions.

It is important to understand that the hair loss process can be either reversed or slowed down. It all depends on the factor that facilitated to the hair loss.
At hair loss treatments review, we carefully guide our visitors through the different types of hair loss patterns to help them identify genuine hair loss products for women and hair loss products for men that will rectify their hair loss condition.


Types of hair loss patterns

Kindly follow me as I guide you through the different types of hair loss patterns. There are basically six types of hair loss patterns. Namely;

• Androgenic alopecia
• Telogen effluvium
• Alopecia totalis
• Traction areata
• Alopecia areata
• Cicatricial alopecia

Androgenic alopecia

It also referred to as patterned baldness. This is the most common types of hair loss patterns which most people experience. It affects both men and women. This type of hair loss is characterized by receding of the hairline in the bald spot. Most men start experiencing this condition in their early twenties but take many years to become visible. On the other hand, androgenic alopecia becomes visible in women in their late 30s and 40s.This type of baldness is caused by a combination of both hormones and genetics.

Telogen effluvium

This is the second most common type of hair loss patterns. Most people tend to categorize it as being more descriptive than a condition. Either way; it is characterized by hair being more dominant in one region than the other. It mostly appears to be shedding over the scalp. It is related to several causes ranging from hormonal imbalances and stress among others. This condition is generally not permanent. Hair can grow back normally once a person’s hormones return back to normal.


Alopecia totalis

This is a very serious type of hair loss pattern. Alopecia totalis is caused by an autoimmune disorder, which makes a person’s immune system to attack the hair follicles. As a result, people lose hair all over their head. The main cause of this hair loss pattern remains unknown to date.

Traction areata

Traction areata is a common type of hair loss. It is solely caused by a person continuously pulling his/her hair follicles. This type of hair loss pattern mostly affects those who have a habit of wearing very tight hair styles. Hair can grow back. However; continuous pressure can cause a permanent hair loss.


Alopecia areata

This is hair loss pattern usually starts with one or more bald circles. They mostly appear on the scalp and usually range in size. These circles have the capability of growing and multiplying among others.

Cicatricial alopecia

This is a very rare form of hair loss pattern. It is caused by a collection of various skin disorders. It is characterized by red bald patches across the entire head.

It is our desire to educate our various visitors on the different types of hair loss patterns to help identify the most suitable form of hair loss product to use. Please inform others about hair loss treatments reviews.

Hair Loss Cures

Hair Loss Cures

Most people are struggling with hair loss on a daily basis. If you are such a person, you are at the right place. Through our hair loss treatment review, we are going to equip your knowledge about the latest or rather hottest hair loss products.

Many people have tried different products on the market, that doesn’t work. This leaves people feeling more frustrated and desperate to the point they can try anything that cures hair loss; including surgical operations.

We focus on providing our clients with the best hair loss cures that have been scientifically proven. We are going to highlight products that are not only worth your time but also your money.

The good thing about our Hair loss treatments review is that we carefully review these products before advising our clients whether to purchase such products or not. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We provide both male hair loss and female hair loss treatments. All our hair loss cures are non-surgical based treatments and are easy to use.

Here are some things you should expect from us on Hair loss treatments review website as we discuss different hair loss cures:

  • The unbiased truth-All our product reviews are written with a lot of integrity. I, therefore, don’t favor any hair loss product. Most hair loss products review websites base their review on written reports. Hair loss treatment stands out from the rest in that I personally dedicate a significant amount of time to do research on each mentioned hair loss cure products. I, therefore, post all my findings whether positive or negative about the product.
  • Honesty and integrity-This industry are quite complicated in that, most brand owners pay quite handsomely for bloggers and writers to write positive reviews about their products.Well; I don’t care about money, provided our viewers get the correct information regarding the various hair loss cures. All our reviews are based on honesty and integrity.
  • Product lists and Comprehensive product reviews-If a person is keen, he/she will start noticing that we constantly update our product section. This is because there are many new hair loss treatment products being unveiled on a daily basis. I will strategically share all my favorite hair loss treatments for both men and women; vitamins, Shampoos, oils, and supplements. The good thing about our reviews is that they are comprehensive and up-to-date to the point anyone can clearly understand the different reviews highlighted on each review.

It has always been my dream and mission to provide vital information about different hair loss cures on the market. This is because; I have been a victim of hair loss. It is really frustrating at some point. It is important to understand that everyone is very different and what works for one person might not work for another person. It is advisable that you try out different hair loss products before finding the best solution for your condition. Thanks for visiting this website and we will strive our best to keep updating up-to-date real information.

Thank you for reading my post on hair loss cures . Now check out my Top Picks on Hair Loss products



Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets

Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets

The whole pregnancy process can be truly amazing and life-changing. However, it has a massive impact on your body and one of the areas is, of course, your hair. Did you know that before pregnancy you probably lost between 80-100 strands of hair each day, however during your pregnancy this is significantly reduced and you lose very little hair. The real problems start to occur post pregnancy, most women will start to lose their hair. After going several months with losing very little hair, you will now start to notice hair loss after brushing your hair or washing your hair in the shower. This is because your estrogen levels have dropped considerably and a lot more hair follicles now enter the resting stage. It can take 6 – 12 months before you get your hair back to the pre-pregnancy stage.

We can all agree that most women love their hair and its a massive part of their image, so why wouldn’t you want to help and support your maintenance of normal healthy hair? That why I am delighted to share this with you

More About Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets

Nourkrin has developed several products for hair loss and have over 20 years in the industry. Their Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets are one of their best sellers, it is scientifically formulated to help post pregnant women with the maintenance of normal healthy hair. I can personally vouch for this product because my wife used these after giving birth to our first child. Of course, we did our own research about  and discovered great reviews and results,  It had received a Gold Medal from the World Trichology Society, which is a Society that is persistent in assisting the public via education concerning the possible causes regarding hair loss plus informing them about the particular different types of hair loss remedies.

Final Say on Nourkrin Post Pregnancy

When all is said and done, it’s fair to say that Nourkrin is a brand that are experts in their field and has a proven record. If you’re just after given birth and finding yourself losing hair, then Nourkrin Post Pregnancy Tablets are what you need. To give yourself the best possible chance it is recommended that you use these for a minimum of 6 months. Don’t be one of these people who never fulfil the recommended time period for products, you want to give yourself and your hair the best possible chance to get back to its pre-pregnancy stage and therefore 6 months supply is what you need. You don’t need to buy 6 months supply today but when your first month’s supplies is running low, please make sure to make your next purchase.



If you want to learn more about Why we lose hair after giving birth <<click that link.


Thank you for taking the time to review my Nourkrin Post Pregnancy tablets review

Research, research , research

I know in the property section one of the most important factors is Location, and you will hear the experts say Location, Location Location, well in the online marketing world the same can be said for Research, it really is all about research, research, research. It is just so important to have done your research on a product before you recommended it, obviously, in my case, it’s hair loss products.Down the line, my plan is also to research services such as Hair transplants etc.

When I decided to build this site, I thought getting products would be simple, but it does take up a lot of time, of which I totally understand it’s time worth spending. My goal is to provide you guys with the best products available to buy online. Te good news is that some of my research has paid off and I have recently added some products to the men’s hair loss section  I have also recently added the Provillus women’s product in the women’s hair loss section. Both great products that I am delighted to share with your guys. Trust me there are more hair loss products reviews coming

I have also done some research on Hair Loss Treatment cap, yes I said Cap, this product is worn on your head for 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week and the results and the feedback from my research is absolutely great. I have contacted the company that manufactures these hair loss caps and as soon as I get more details, I’ll be delighted to share all the information with you guys.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break and thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. Do spend a bit of time browsing through the website and I hope you find the Hair loss solution that suits you best.